Craving for a fibre cigar

*This post features indie fiberista, Prettyfunkyfibre. I did not receive monetary payment for writing this blogpost, however, the rolags were gifted to me because we’re fibre friends and she likes me and I like her.*

While I was training for the Tour de Fleece spin-along on Ravelry I noticed fibre blended rolags were appearing in my Instagram timeline.
A rolag is a roll of fibre generally used to spin wool into yarn. It is created by first carding the fibre, using a pair of handcarders or a drumcarder, and then gently rolling the fibre off the cards. If properly prepared, a rolag will be uniform in width, distributing the fibres evenly into a roll of fibres.

My small collection of rolags are blended and hand rolled by Helen of Prettyfunkyfibre. They are amazing fibre cigars just full of colour with a blend of luxury.

Helen will be making her debut at Yarnfolk Festival of Wool next Saturday as a one of Dublin’s newest indie fibre vendors.

Unfortunately, I am unable to make it to Whitehead this year, and I am green with envy as my fibre friends buy up all the rolags.

I started making some homemade rolags. They are not the highest of quality but they are a temporary solution to feeding my addiction to smokin’ these fibre cigars.

DIY Fibre Cigar Rolling

1) Supplies needed a sheet of foam packaging, assortment of spinning fibre, 2 straight knitting needles – a thin and a thick.

2) Draft and pullout small sections of your primary fibre and lay it out on the sheet of foam ( it just prevents the fibres from flying away.)

3) Tease out a variety of fibres and place a layer over the main fibre.

4) Gently pat down the fibre.

5) Slide the smaller knitting needles under the edge.

6) Lay the larger knitting needles on top of the fibre.

7) Holding the two needles together on both side edges begin rolling away.

8) Gently roll back and forth.

9) Gently pull the fibre roll along the needles. Then slide the smaller needle out, followed by the larger.

10) There you have it…. DIY homemade rolags, to satisfy my cravings.


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